Emily Clayton

After a traumatic car accident in 2016, I lost my right leg. I was only left with a few inches of my femur. In total I have had 28 surgeries since the accident. I was unable to walk using a traditional prosthetic socket, which meant that I only walked using forearm crutches for 4 years. I had been researching osseointegration surgery for a few years, and assumed I would have to travel overseas to get it. This was my only chance to walk again. In order to prepare for the surgery, I had 3 surgeries prior to lengthen my small femur. Even after bone lengthening, my femur was only around 3.5”. I was lucky enough to read about Dr. Rozbruch just around the time I was getting more serious about going overseas for surgery. He had been trained using the press fit implant that I wanted to get. We drove to NYC for a consultation. Not only was he willing to take on the challenge, everything felt just right. It’s important to be able to put faith in your surgeon, and I knew that would not be a concern. Leading up to my osseointegration surgery on 11/15/19, both Dr. Rozbruch and I decided to be brave knowing the risk involved. The risk, patience, and rehab after osseointegration have given me the reward of walking again. It has now been just over a year, and I am walking unassisted. I use a cane for longer walks. I wake up every morning grateful that I wrote that email to ask if he could help me. Dr. Rozbruch and HSS have given me so much independence back, and a fresh start! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.