Watch a video: Magnetic Lengthening with the Precice © Internal nail

Jacob achieved an 8 inch lengthening of his femur in three different surgeries that occured over a 6 year period.

Our Patients' Stories in their own words

Yusuf's Story

Read Yusuf's story about his leg injury and how Dr. Robert Rozbruch was able to help.

Osteointegration Amputation Reconstruction

Dr. Rozbruch performs new osteointegration Amputation Reconstruction procedure.

Limb Salvage

Limb Salvage with Dr. Rozbruch: Bone Transport for Tibial Bone Defect

Reach Your Height

The Reach Your Height podcast brings expert surgeons together to discuss limb reconstruction and lengthening treatments for patients of all ages. Also available on iTunes.

Knee Arthritis

In this video, Dr. Robert Rozbruch discusses options for patients with knee arthritis, including when to do osteotomy, partial knee replacement, or total knee replacement.


In this video, Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch shares information about osseointegration amputation reconstruction and the benefits of using this new technique.

Ankle Arthritis

Dr. Robert Rozbruch shares treatment options for ankle arthritis, and when to distract, fuse, or replace.

Tibial Bone Transport

Dr. Mitchell Bernstein describes a tibial bone transport over an intramedullary nail using cable and pulleys.

Tibial Osteotomy

In this video, Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch demonstrates live surgery, a high tibial osteotomy to correct Bowleg alignment.

Limb Lengthening Service of the Hospital for Special Surgery

Our surgeons offer surgical treatments for the correction of upper and lower limb deformities and injuries in adults and children. We help individuals with orthopaedic issues due to trauma, birth defects, infections or tumors. Our aim is to use the best tools available today — from Taylor Spatial FramesTM to internal lengthening devices, such as the Precice® Intramedullary System and the newest technology, the Novos® Nail. These tools are combined with our doctors' expert surgical techniques to achieve results many patients have only dreamed of.

We perform arm and leg lengthening and deformity correction, repair bone nonunions, and treat knee and ankle arthritis with distraction, fusion, or replacement. We correct genu valgum, commonly known as knock knee, and genu varum, or bow leg. Whether patients are suffering from arthritis, genetic deformity or the after effect of a traumatic accident, HSS's Limb Lengthening & Complex Reconstruction Service is ready to get them on the road to recovery and a new life.