Fuel Letters

Patients often reach out to us through letters and emails to tell us how grateful they are and/or how positively their lives have changed after surgery and treatment.  Letters like the ones on this page make our day and remind us why we do what we do!

From Gwen, patient

There is not a week that goes by that I don’t think of you. Without you I really don’t know what my life would be at this point.

From Allan, patient

I am so happy I went with you and I just wanted you to know how lucky I am to have had you for my surgeon.

From Maria, patient:

To get a new life at my age  …free of pain and free of constraints in mobility ….I am so lucky that there was a “you!”


From Judy, patient:

I still marvel at how supportive, encouraging and warm you and everyone were. How many people can say a hospital surgery stay was one of the best and warmest highlights of their life?


From Jamie, patient:

I’m really happy I had the surgery! My ankle is much more functional and hurts less, much less of the time. The procedure was an overall success and my ankle is still improving.


From Gayle, patient:

Coming to you was the best thing I ever did, I appreciate your knowledge and kind manner.


From Edward, patient:

…I’ve not had a medical experience so professional and seamless as I did at HSS.”


From Theresa, patient:

We have been traveling for the past 3 weeks, some days walking 4-5 miles…this would not have been possible without you.


From Charles, patient:

…my ankle is feeling stronger every day. I have not been able to walk like this for a very long time.


From Bill,  patient:

Thanks Doctor. I never thought I would see this again…Big hike in Telluride.


From Mark DuMoulin, patient:

…Dr. Rozbruch was able to grow my own healthy bone to fill the gap where the femur bone was missing. This left me with my own, healthy, natural bone with 100% recovery to the condition prior to being diagnosed with Cancer.


From Peter Bayers, patient


From Ettore, Limb Lengthening and Complex Reconstruction Fellow:

Drs. John E. Herzenberg and S. Robert Rozbruch have had the vision and foresight of disseminating this knowledge to the young surgeons by establishing their own fellowship program. The fellowship at HSS is the only one in an academic institution…


From Susan, patient:

From Laura, mother of Robert, a young patient with Russel Silver Syndrome: